Friday, December 14, 2012

Spider Like

Spider Like

Main Character: A widely known android with a hooded cloak

Setting: The last days of the world, in St. Petersburg Russia

Plot: A mysterious occurrence that would reveal yet-undiscovered truths about the origin of mankind.

                Here I am with probably more than a thousand nuclear warheads buried under my feet. I raise my hood over my head to shield my identity, they know me here. I tread carefully, trying not to set off a chain reaction, but they’re miles deep so I have nothing to fear. I’m in the heart of half of the Cold War, St. Petersburg Russia. What I’m doing, not sure, but I am drawn to this city to find something out about the humans, me not being one of them. Yes it’s true, I’m an android built by super computers, so I basically have no allegiance to humans, even though I care for them. I’m known as a god droid, created to oversee the progress of nature and technology. I also have the ability to predict the future, but I’m powerless to stop it. I can’t change the future, only view it. My quest is to uncover any secrets about humans, so I start where life begins.

                I’ve been to local hospitals to view newborn infants to see if they can change the future that I see, so far they cannot. But my trip is not fruitless; I’ve witnessed unusual birth defects. Some of the infants are born with eight legs, like a spider. The children are surprisingly mobile and can climb around and onto the ceiling, completely upside down. They are quick too, easily out running the nurses and parents. At one point my hood fell from my head, but no one seemed to notice, I quickly righted it.

                The future I see is a strange and frightening one, I have not yet understood it, but I don’t have much time. The future is all around us, it is constantly happening. First I must figure out this spider problem. Some of the babies are born completely black or brown; some have yellow or red spots. Some of the premature babies were screened for other abnormalities, tests showed they have traces of poison in their bodies, but do not seem to create harm to the host, as if they’re meant to have it, like a defense. I made notes in my CPU and recorded video footage to view later.

                I left the hospital and ventured out into the streets, it was a frenzy. People were running and screaming. I heard someone say “all the missiles have been launched” that’s when I figured out the thing about the spider babies. They are devolving! Reverting back to the closest evolutionary relative, the spider! That’s it, humans evolved from spiders! I have to pass on this information to the super computers. Just then a war head landed close by, the droid saw a bright light, then nothing.

                He awoke on the streets in a ruined Russia. How he survived, he will never know. What he did before the massive launch of nuclear war heads was send his information wirelessly to the nearest super computer. Even though humans are now extinct, due to a malfunctioning computer in St. Petersburg which launched all of the buried nukes, their origins will be documented forever.     

Friday, November 23, 2012

Roman Bunnies

Roman Bunnies

Main Character: A noble lion tamer’s child who is plagued by fluffy bunnies

Setting: The days of the Roman Empire, in a strange lost city within a different dimension

Plot: A narrow escape from a fiendish trap

                The boy’s father walked to the boy’s quarters and opened the door. A wave of white fluffy bunnies over took him and then ran away into the floating house. He fell to the floor and brushed off his shirt, small paw prints riddled the fabric. He didn’t think anything of it when he yelled to the boy: “Cladius, it’s time to wake up.” The boy wriggled in his bed with a bunny on his head and slowly opened his eyes. “Yes father, I’ll get up soon.” “No, you get up now! Today is a special day, we have some important quests. Caligula will be landing on the house in two hours, along with his trusted horse.

                Cladius’s father is a noble lion tamer who spends his day doing exactly that, taming lions. He sells the lions to customers who pay a hefty price for them. The Serbian lions are the flavor of the month; African lions are still very popular. He has a special taming room, within his floating house, where the lions meet him and feel at ease. He uses a collection of scents and massaging to tame the lions. This is his passion, he’s been doing this for the past twenty years. The income from selling the lions has paid for Cladius’s education. He’s a young boy, but a very good student.

                Cladius emerged from his bed and brushed off the fluffy white bunny. He dressed and walked down to the kitchen, a trail of bunnies followed him. Father served the boy eggs and wine, along with bacon and sausage. The boy could barely eat when a helicopter landed on the roof. “Yes, that must be Caligula and the horse, his second in command!” The boy watched as his father ran to the attic, a cluster of bunnies ran out of the way and piled on Cladius, he fell over and laughed uncontrollably. The bunnies have plagued him since his birth, but they’re friendly and harmless.

                Father led Caligula and the horse into the kitchen to meet Cladius. The emperor’s face was all distorted and angular, much like everyone else, but his was more pronounced. Then he talked: “Thank you sir for letting me into your home and meeting your child. I have but one request; let me see you tame this lion I brought. A surpise! Wonderful. Father loves challenges. “Perfect, into the taming quarters we shall go.”

                Father released the lion from his cage and stood back in anticipation. The beast lunged for Claudius with large teeth bared. Father jumped in front of him and wrestled the beast to the ground. Caligula and his horse soon disappeared, leaving in his helicopter. Father killed the beast with his bare hands and ran over to his son.  

                Previously that day, Caligula injected the lion with a rage virus and conditioned it to attack the young Claudius. He is the next in line to be emperor. Caligula was hoping he would be killed by the lion. His plan, however, failed. Claudius will grow up to take over the role from the mad Caligula and rule the empire.  

Friday, November 2, 2012

Space Port Part Two

Space Port Part Two

                Little Pete’s body drifted off to the burning star known as the sun, soon he was incinterated, to become nothing but a Carbon collection consumed by nuclear fusion.

                Big Cretch nursed his superficial wound and carried on with his business. He bandaged it up, still flummoxed by what happened. This particular Saturday night was like any other, drunken patrons and an empty tip jar. People are pretty cheap at the Chatsubo Space Port. As always they moved like zombies, speed not being a particularly popular drug, the denizens of Space Port stuck to their depressants.

                The next night the Skull’s bar was visited by a rather shady man. He dressed all in black; back suit, black vest and black tie, a rather ominous figure. He wore a silver mask, ominous indeed. Big Cretch approached him, as a bouncer should.

                “What’s your business?” Asked Big Cretch with a snear.

                “Just wondering the where a bouts of my friend Little Pete, he seems to be missing.” Said the man in black. His body language did not give any indications of his mood. The man appeared cool, calm and collected.

                “Haven’t seen him.” Said Big Cretch as he puffed up his chest.

                “I find that hard to believe, he was here last weekend, I know, I was in communication with him.” Said the man in black.

                Little did Big Cretch know, Little Pete reported to some very important people. The entire conversation took place in a dreary back drop. The hazy night barely concealed the dealings of the night. Drugs, Stim, rare spices not seen in any part of Chatsubo, all the color of a murky green. The haze always had a greenish tint.

                As a bouncer it was Big Cretch’s duty to do away with any unsavory folk. He lunged at the man in black and struck him in his silver mask. The man backed away slightly and met the force of the punch.

                “Nice try, my face plate is made of the strongest metal known to your solar system. You can hit me all you want, I’m ready for you. I see you prefer to fight hand to hand, I’ll meet you.” Said the man in black. He reeled back and struck the big man, his blow did little damage, much like the wind pushing a dragonfly. Big Cretch struck the man in his guts, he then pulled his glass knife.

                “ wish to fight me in that style, with a weapon. I’m afraid I have the better. “ Said the man in black as he removed a silenced pistol. Big Cretch stepped back and dropped the knife. He was visbly shaken, never seeing a gun before, but knowing what it is.

                “Now will you tell me the whereabouts of Little Pete? I do not wish to kill you.” Said the man in black.   

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Where Rolls the Ore-Tron

Where Rolls the Ore-Tron

Where rolls the Ore-tron over the mountains silently picking up matter and spitting out the undesirables. Out of the smoke stacks black smoke billow out. Through the barren landscape many more Ore-trons harvest, picking up metal deposits and storing them for refinement. Together they will harvest enough metal to build the hull of a new space ship, running off of the Doomesday Drive, named after its inventor, Chuck Doomesday.

Chuck began his day as a mortician in the place of his employment, the morgue, where the dead gather. He had a voracious imagination, performing experiments on his subjects. He found that the human brain contains more energy, even when dead, than the most powerful computer of the day, in the year 2101. They contained even more than gasoline.

The flight of years began as Chuck harvested and refined the liquefied, human brain. Oh how the years went by. He tuned the fuel for his hovership and never needed to visit the gas station. He graduated to rocket ships and soon to the nebula crossing long range space ship, which is currently being constructed.

He did have a strange interaction during one of his trips to the morgue. He was driving his hovership, running off of brain fuel, when he heard a voice:

“Chuck…..are you there?” The voice said.

He didn’t hear it at first, then it echoed through his head. Another voice called out:

“Doomesday…you didn’t let me rest.” The voice said.

This voice was clearer than the first. Like the other, this one echoed in his head. As if it crept into his soul. That’s when he realized, these are the souls of the deceased talking to him! They want him to join them, in purgatory. What he did was wrong; he should not have taken away their brain, their thoughts, their memories. He ignored their cries and drove on. They pestered and bothered him until he gave in:

“Your souls are no more! There is nothing left of you besides the fuel that I harvested. You need to accept this.” Doomesday said.

They did and soon became his friends. He didn’t need to listen to the radio because his friends would sing for him. A thousand piece chorus sang as he drove. One by one, the souls would tell him about their lives. Eventually the voices died off as the fuel became used up. Even his favorite phantom deteriorated to a whisper and then nothing, he knew it was time to refuel.

He started to feel like god, or maybe the devil, playing with the afterlives of many, for his own benefit. He eventually tried to market it, but there were still a few bugs to work out. He spent many hours in the lab, a small room in the morgue that he dedicated to his work.

Chuck’s research continued, but he couldn’t get rid of the voices. He eventually started selling his product but couldn’t explain the voices. He came out and told the truth. The fuel is made out of human souls. His purchasers laughed and called him crazy, but they heard the voices too. It became a novelty, soul fuel, the stuff that lives are made of. Chuck became a wealthy man overnight. He was awarded man of the year for his invention. Soon interstellar travel was possible. People soon inhabited all the nearby planets thanks to his soul fuel. Even the solitary star jumper had friends to fly with.      

Saturday, September 29, 2012



                In a garbled voice the alien said to his crew mate while trying to stay calm: “We’re approaching the surface too fast, there’s no way we can make a smooth landing.”

                The other alien responds with: “Initiate padded landing, we’ll be fine, don’t worry.”

                The ship crashes at high speeds. The path the aliens took was too close to the surface of Earth, they were trying to find the planet Prizen but were caught in Earth’s gravitational pull and couldn’t escape it.


                Three soldiers trudged through a field and come across the crashed ship. They slowly entered the mangled craft through a giant, gaping, hole and look around, scanning the large interior. There were many wall mounted instruments, far more advanced than anything created on Earth, but the soldiers didn’t seem to understand the full impact of their find. They crouched down in order to enter the cockpit. Their sleep deprived state didn’t allow them to take everything in; they didn’t see the two, approximately four foot tall, aliens dead on the floor. The aliens’ blue skin was punctured by  airborne debris as a result of the crash. They had two severe head injuries, green blood was spilled on the floor. The soldiers left the ship and continued on their mission. They made it into the nearby woods and were caught in an ambush; the three weary soldiers were killed instantly by gun fire.

                The field and nearby woods were soon saturation bombed by enemy air craft, destroying the space ship along with everything else.

                Stowed away in a hidden compartment, in the disintegrated ship, was a map. Not just an ordinary paper map. If recovered and studied, the map would lead the way to a perfect, serene paradise. The aliens were on their way to such a place but made a wrong turn.

                The war of man clouded the invaluable find lodged in the ship. It was almost comical how the war for a better world shrouded the map to an already perfect civilization, no one needed to die to find it, maybe just the aliens who tried to follow it. The paradise planet of Prizen will not be found for many more years, until some other being will find the maps planted throughout the universe.

                The creatures of Prizen realized their good fortune while the planet was initially built. That’s right, built. The builders were a humanoid species who thought of just about everything. Large enough surface area to accommodate millions of generations of organisms, and plenty of food and sunlight. The builders didn’t think to recruit extra planetary organisms to their paradise planet. The inhabitants of Prizen thought of that all on their own. They realized their good fortune and sent out maps for others to find their home. Little did they know of the fate of other, naturally occurring planets. War consumed all, or almost all. The natural path of civilization was to succumb to war to resolve one’s differences. If only there was better funding for other habitable places. The creatures of Prizen retained their hope. Eventually someone will find their paradise and they will be rewarded.   

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Zombie Priest

Zombie Priest

Main Character: A well respected priest who has returned from the grave to fulfill his destiny

Setting: A modern church, where gods don’t dare to walk

Plot: A near brush with death from a fiendish plot

                I’ve been killed once but have been given a second chance. I can see my killers now, the old school thinkers of Catholicism. What I was teaching, was apparently too radical, they needed to put me in the ground. They succeeded; a large brute with a fiendish smile put a gun to my head while I was sitting in my study. Now I’ve risen just like Jesus, except I have a mission now, to exact revenge. This hole in my head will never heal, it’s a scar and remnant of my former life. I guess you could say I’m a zombie now, but am more alive than the undead. First stop, the location of the brute, I think his name is Deus X. I was told that he frequented the pub on 6th, I’ll have to pay him a visit.  

                The priest made his first stop at the weapons depot. He picked up an AK-47, three grenades, a pistol, rope, a hunting knife and various other supplies including a smoke bomb. “Hey man, you got a gaping hole in your head.” Said the cashier. “I know, it’s been there all my life. Just sell me the crap and I’ll be on my way.” Said the priest.

                The priest left the store and made his way to the pub on 6th. I need to find Deus X and kill the sonofabitch. He strolled into the bar and rolled the smoke ‘nade. The patrons left the bar, except for Deus X. He stayed at his stool stoically. “I guess it’s time father, I’ve been waiting for this moment for some time. Has it been five years now?” Said Deus X.  “ I believe it has been.” Said the priest as he whipped around his AK. He fired off shots deep into the bar, somehow missing the man in question.  He rallied his last few bullets and pumped them into the chamber. You bastard, you’re not getting away!

                “Well father, you’re a pretty terrible shot. See if you can face me head on.” Said Deus.

                The two met in hand to hand combat with a smoky back drop. The priest pulled out the hunting knife and thrusted towards Deus X. The first blow missed but the second hit it’s mark, right in the femoral artery.  Deus cried as he bled to death on the grimy pub floor. “Do you remember me? The man who you killed many years ago. Do you see this hole in my head? You put it there.” The priest cried as Deus X  blurted out: “It was the orders of Sacred, the man of the deep. He ordered the strike. You will find happiness if you take it out with him.” Deus said as he died.  

                The priest sat up and panted for air, the battle took a little out of him. He can’t believe that his killer is now dead. He has the name of the man who ordered his death, Sacred. The man must die. The priest seeks revenge in order to lead a healthy life.

                He finds a cozy alley way to seek refuge and sleeps a couple of hours. Sacred must be at his home at this hour. The time is six in the morning, but where is he? He channels his god and tells him to proceed to six sixteen seventh avenue.

                I’m sure this is Sacred’s house, I can feel it. The Priest throws a grenade against the door and blow it open. He throws another three to blow the place up, Sacred runs out the back. The Priest watches it burn as he circles around back and finds Sacred coughing in the make shift baseball diamond of the back yard. The Priest raises the AK and points it at sacred who stands up to meet him. “I suppose Deus told you about me, that I ordered your hit, so many years ago.” Said Sacred. “Now is your time, I’m defenseless, do your worst, I deserve to die.” Said Sacred. With those words the priest dropped his AK, ah too easy.

                The Priest lifted his knife and prepared to strike Sacred when he was overcome with emotion. I can’t kill this man, he is weakened, overcome with my death. I must not kill him. Just then Sacred removed a syringe from his pocket and lunged at the priest. The needle struck the Priest’s arm and sent wave after wave of sedatives into his system. The man passed out as Sacred squeezed his neck, harder and harder.

                The Priest came to his senses and fought off Sacred with the power of the gods. Sacred was on his back, the Priest stabbed him repeatedly ending his life in a pool of blood.

                He got his revenge, the Priest could live his second life in peace.

Friday, August 31, 2012

Dr. Kent Rules the Realm

Dr. Kent Rules the Realm
Main Character: An incredibly wealthy concert violinist who is extremely handsome
The setting: In a suburban home where births are arranged by the state
Plot: A tragic murder

                The dashing Dr. Kent showed up to the crime scene early. He walked around the suburban home living room and studied the body. The corpse was that of a prestigious dentist who revolutionized dental implants, his death was felt throughout the country. However, his death was not of natural causes, there was a single gun shot wound to his chest, blood surrounded the body. The cleaning lady found the dentist on the floor this morning. He was a caring man, father of three and grandfather of two. But who would want to kill this man? He apparently had an enemy.
                Kent was striving to find that enemy. He spent his free time playing the violin for the Boston Pops and at night he was a well respected detective. He worked pro bono because he didn’t need the money. He was a wealthy man with million dollar looks too. Many people who first lay eyes on Kent believe he is a model or a movie star, but alas, he is just a mere violinist and successful business owner. Yes, Kent has it all, but he worked hard for his wealth.
                He continued to walk around the room. A bullet was lodged in the couch just waiting for Kent to find it. He soon left the living room and made his way into the child’s room where, it must have been one of the dentist’s grand children who was abducted by the state. He or she was part of a new program rolled out to provide soldiers for the country. The births were arranged to produce only the strongest and smartest individuals who were raised by the government collective. It was a controversial program generating much opposition but it was necessary.
                Kent made his way back to the living room and looked curiously at the couch. He bent down and with his gloved hands, removed a bullet from the cushion. “So we’re dealing with a .38. Interesting, not very professional to fire a shot point blank and miss. Also, considering the killer dug around in the body to extract the bullet and remove evidence, he didn’t spend time removing the missed bullet. Sloppy, yet careful. This does not match the personalities of many killers, so maybe this was his first kill. But why? What’s the motive? Let’s think about this. The dentist was incredibly wealthy, being a pioneer and all. Maybe this was a robbery gone wrong. Perhaps. Or maybe a pissed off family member or patient. I’m leaning toward a robbery, but the house was not ransacked. This is quite perplexing.
                Kent pondered these possibilities, but didn’t feel strongly one way or the other about who could do this. He stood over the body contemplating when his colleagues walked in the door. “Good morning fellas, coffee?” Kent said.

Monday, August 13, 2012

The Future Now

The Future Now
                Three metal beings approached me from behind and asked me some questions, but I couldn’t tell what they were saying. I continued to walk and they soon left me alone. The city surrounding me is amazing, high buildings and flying cars, simply amazing. I walked into one tall building, the door slid to the right as I approached it. I don’t remember such technology before, or maybe I’m dreaming, I’m not sure. I was greeted by another metal creature but her English was superb, I understood everything she was saying to me.
                “You are early for you appointment Mr. Smith.” Said the android. She knew my name! Apparently I have an appointment, but to see whom and for what reason? I can’t seem to remember, my brain is all foggy.
                “Oh, ok, which floor?” I responded, a little unsure about what is going on.
                “Are you being serious? You’ve been here dozens of times. Forth floor you joker.” Said the android with a bit of humor. I walked to my left and approached a strange device. I stepped into it and was soon teleported to the fourth floor, simply amazing. When I materialized I looked at me hands to see if I had all my fingers. All ten, I’m okay. Soon another android approached me and she knew my name too.
                “Mr. Smith, right this way. How was traffic?” She asked.
                “Oh, I walked.” I said.
                “No you didn’t, your flying machine is parked out in front.” She said with a little smirk showing in her metal face.
                “Oh right, I guess I did.” I said.
                I suddenly found myself on an operating table with three men in white coats standing over me.
                “Mr. Smith, do you remember anything from the last hour?” Asked one of the men.
                “Yes, I remember walking here, three robots approached me then I noticed all the strange tall buildings and flying cars. I walked into the building, an android greeted me, and took a weird teleporter to this floor. Then another android greeted me. That’s all I remember.” I said.
                “Hmm, interesting. You see, what you described, the robots, tall buildings and flying cars don’t exist yet.  The three robots are the three researchers you see in front of you. The androids you mentioned are our receptionists. You did walk here, that part is true.  You’ve been lying on this table, talking to us for the past three hours. It appears that you have an unusual ability.” Said the researcher.
                “But, I can’t control it, it just happens.” I said.
                “That’s what we’re here for. We want to understand what allows you to see into the future. Maybe we can learn to harness it, with your help of course. Do you want to help us?” Asked the researcher.
                “Yes, definitely. I want to help.” I answered.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

The Skeleton Crew

The Skeleton Crew
                We set off from the desert planet of Sol, named after the intense sun that beams down upon it. Our crew was light, only four men. Our mission, to explore new settlement options and report back about whether or not the new planet was habitable, a seemingly easy assignment. From there, the government would send the TI-909s, massive transport ships, filled with people who were deemed suitable to colonize the new land.
                Our ship was the Intruder, the fastest small transport in the known galaxy. We will reach the new planet, code named Alpha, in one year. We spent the time reading, exercising, playing games and arguing. Some of our crew did not get along very well. How our management chose the final four was beyond our comprehension. They knew that Mark and Bob, in particular, hated each other, but they tried to get along anyway. The year seemed to drag on, everyone was touchy. Maybe, being stuck on a small ship, with no women, and very few entertainment options, left a man feeling agitated.
                Finally we could see Alpha in the distance. We were about two weeks away from the planet. That raised the morale a little bit. Preliminary data readings came back from the probes that we sent out. The surface temperature of Alpha was a comfortable seventy four rumens, about thirty seven degrees Celsius (by the old unit of temperature measurement).
                Those last two weeks were pretty uneventful. Mark and Bob got into an argument about food, eventhough the nourishment dispenser has a near unlimited supply of items to choose from. Their bickering was nearly comical. I pulled Matt aside and said to him:
                “We should send them out first to check out the planet, I can’t deal with their fighting any longer.”
                “I could not agree more.” Proclaimed Matt.
We ran this by the two block heads and they actually went for it! The time came when we were within a mile of the planet and our teleporter was within range. The two suited up and made their way to individual teleporters. The ship’s cameras were zoomed in on the teleportation zone on the planet’s surface. The two soon disappeared and came into focus on the monitors. Something went horribly wrong, their skin and muscles were instantly vaporized, leaving behind two clean skeletons, standing straight up!
                “This can’t be right, the surface temperature is only seventy four rumens! The atmosphere is mostly breathable oxygen.” I shouted in horror. “They should be fine!”
                The two turned around and went back into the teleporters. Soon they came into focus in the ship and slowly walked towards us, bone striking the metal floor. Their eye sockets glowed red. One reached for Matt, who had no where to go, he was backed into a corner. He was touched by the skeleton and soon his skin and muscles were vaporizing, just like Mark and Bob’s. I was the last one left. The skeletons slowly walked towards me, white bones shifting and shuffling. I didn’t know what to do. If I stayed here I would be stripped of my flesh, if I teleported I would most likely meet the same fate. I noticed a moon in the distance…  

Monday, July 2, 2012

Life at Home

Life at Home
                The floating house has been done, it seems as though everyone has one. They’re in high demand seeing how almost every habitable surface of Earth has been covered with some sort of housing structure. Then one year ago the floating house was created; now the skies are riddled with them. People can now float to work during the night, wake up in the morning get ready for the day, float to the landing bays associated with their respective skyscraper and teleport to the office, lab, what have you. They have  virtually eliminated the car, bus, or other land based transportation device. But, the engineers didn’t think of everything. What if two or more people needed to go to a separate destination in the morning? Kids to school, wife to one job, husband to the other. The  floating house is fine for single people and retired folks, but when it comes to accommodating a falls short. Wife and kids would have to take close range tele-porters from some point in the middle of their locations while the husband could float to work, or vice versa. The technology was similar to the hot air balloon, but it could be improved.
                Eventually a genius biologist created the living house; a genetically engineered organism that could contain a living room, dining room, kitchen, bathrooms and bedrooms within oversized vacuoles (minus the water). It was part plant and part animal, a hybrid if you will. It also floats through a symbiotic relationship with Helium.
 The beauty of the living house is that it grows along with the resident people. A family of a child, mother and father didn’t need as much room; the living house sensed it. As the family grew, so did the house. It could separate through mitosis into separate compartments, allowing transportation to different locations (school for the children and work for the parents). It was beautiful! The living house was nearly flawless….nearly.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -  - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Paul was a single man who couldn’t wait to own a living house. He had the floating house, but the maintenance needs for it were astronomical. He couldn’t afford it. A well placed tornado or hurricane could rip it to shreds.
The day he purchased the living house was one of the best days of his life. He spent weekends talking to the house (the response was often grunts or low hums). The house learned what time Paul got up in the morning and what time he went to sleep at night. The house would shake right before feeding time (an influx of oxygen, light, water and slurry called gruel) which would excite Paul. He became attached to his house, often calling out of work to spend the day with his new friend. They would float to the beach and hover above the sand, taking in the ocean mist and refreshing sunlight.
Then one day he realized, this house is no more intelligent than a common dog! Sure he learns simple habits and routines but he doesn’t seem to do much more than I should talk to the inventor and see if maybe we can alter the houses. Make some changes, allow it to be as intelligent as its’ owner. Would that be a good idea or a bad idea? I can’t answer that question right now. Maybe someone else can…