Friday, August 31, 2012

Dr. Kent Rules the Realm

Dr. Kent Rules the Realm
Main Character: An incredibly wealthy concert violinist who is extremely handsome
The setting: In a suburban home where births are arranged by the state
Plot: A tragic murder

                The dashing Dr. Kent showed up to the crime scene early. He walked around the suburban home living room and studied the body. The corpse was that of a prestigious dentist who revolutionized dental implants, his death was felt throughout the country. However, his death was not of natural causes, there was a single gun shot wound to his chest, blood surrounded the body. The cleaning lady found the dentist on the floor this morning. He was a caring man, father of three and grandfather of two. But who would want to kill this man? He apparently had an enemy.
                Kent was striving to find that enemy. He spent his free time playing the violin for the Boston Pops and at night he was a well respected detective. He worked pro bono because he didn’t need the money. He was a wealthy man with million dollar looks too. Many people who first lay eyes on Kent believe he is a model or a movie star, but alas, he is just a mere violinist and successful business owner. Yes, Kent has it all, but he worked hard for his wealth.
                He continued to walk around the room. A bullet was lodged in the couch just waiting for Kent to find it. He soon left the living room and made his way into the child’s room where, it must have been one of the dentist’s grand children who was abducted by the state. He or she was part of a new program rolled out to provide soldiers for the country. The births were arranged to produce only the strongest and smartest individuals who were raised by the government collective. It was a controversial program generating much opposition but it was necessary.
                Kent made his way back to the living room and looked curiously at the couch. He bent down and with his gloved hands, removed a bullet from the cushion. “So we’re dealing with a .38. Interesting, not very professional to fire a shot point blank and miss. Also, considering the killer dug around in the body to extract the bullet and remove evidence, he didn’t spend time removing the missed bullet. Sloppy, yet careful. This does not match the personalities of many killers, so maybe this was his first kill. But why? What’s the motive? Let’s think about this. The dentist was incredibly wealthy, being a pioneer and all. Maybe this was a robbery gone wrong. Perhaps. Or maybe a pissed off family member or patient. I’m leaning toward a robbery, but the house was not ransacked. This is quite perplexing.
                Kent pondered these possibilities, but didn’t feel strongly one way or the other about who could do this. He stood over the body contemplating when his colleagues walked in the door. “Good morning fellas, coffee?” Kent said.

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