Friday, December 14, 2012

Spider Like

Spider Like

Main Character: A widely known android with a hooded cloak

Setting: The last days of the world, in St. Petersburg Russia

Plot: A mysterious occurrence that would reveal yet-undiscovered truths about the origin of mankind.

                Here I am with probably more than a thousand nuclear warheads buried under my feet. I raise my hood over my head to shield my identity, they know me here. I tread carefully, trying not to set off a chain reaction, but they’re miles deep so I have nothing to fear. I’m in the heart of half of the Cold War, St. Petersburg Russia. What I’m doing, not sure, but I am drawn to this city to find something out about the humans, me not being one of them. Yes it’s true, I’m an android built by super computers, so I basically have no allegiance to humans, even though I care for them. I’m known as a god droid, created to oversee the progress of nature and technology. I also have the ability to predict the future, but I’m powerless to stop it. I can’t change the future, only view it. My quest is to uncover any secrets about humans, so I start where life begins.

                I’ve been to local hospitals to view newborn infants to see if they can change the future that I see, so far they cannot. But my trip is not fruitless; I’ve witnessed unusual birth defects. Some of the infants are born with eight legs, like a spider. The children are surprisingly mobile and can climb around and onto the ceiling, completely upside down. They are quick too, easily out running the nurses and parents. At one point my hood fell from my head, but no one seemed to notice, I quickly righted it.

                The future I see is a strange and frightening one, I have not yet understood it, but I don’t have much time. The future is all around us, it is constantly happening. First I must figure out this spider problem. Some of the babies are born completely black or brown; some have yellow or red spots. Some of the premature babies were screened for other abnormalities, tests showed they have traces of poison in their bodies, but do not seem to create harm to the host, as if they’re meant to have it, like a defense. I made notes in my CPU and recorded video footage to view later.

                I left the hospital and ventured out into the streets, it was a frenzy. People were running and screaming. I heard someone say “all the missiles have been launched” that’s when I figured out the thing about the spider babies. They are devolving! Reverting back to the closest evolutionary relative, the spider! That’s it, humans evolved from spiders! I have to pass on this information to the super computers. Just then a war head landed close by, the droid saw a bright light, then nothing.

                He awoke on the streets in a ruined Russia. How he survived, he will never know. What he did before the massive launch of nuclear war heads was send his information wirelessly to the nearest super computer. Even though humans are now extinct, due to a malfunctioning computer in St. Petersburg which launched all of the buried nukes, their origins will be documented forever.