Saturday, October 26, 2013

Moon Dust

Moon Dust

                The day the moon exploded was a dark day. A meteor struck the celestial body at high speeds, completely unforeseen by the earth dwellers. The worst part about it was that the day stretched into years. Dust from the disintegrated moon hung in the air like a lumbering mist and it would not leave the atmosphere. The perpetual night continued for years.

                The only people who seemed to benefit from it were the crime syndicates. They continued all of their unsavory transactions under the cover of darkness.

                Food production was down. All vegetables were grown under artificial light, needless to say they didn’t taste as good.

                The government had two problems to deal with, the growing mafia problem and restoring sunlight to the planet. There was a constant war between the mafia and the government.

                People were becoming zombie like since their sleep cycles were disturbed. They demanded ice from the mafia, and they got it.

                A high speed chase ensued one ghastly night, a high ranking capo was pulled over for a routine traffic stop when the FBI searched his trunk and found thirty pounds of ice. The capo ducked into his Porsche and zipped away. The agents were temporarily blinded by the dust storm kicked up by the mobsters tires, giving the advantage to the capo. The agents regained their vision and piled into their modified cruiser quickly gaining on the mobster. The agents called for reinforcements and soon chased the mobster down a back road blocked off by a line of police officers. He crashed into their barricade, injuring two. He crawled out of his Porsche with a machine gun in his hands, blood leaking out of his cracked skull. He opened fire at close range but his aim was off due to his injuries. The agents fired into the chaos, killing the capo.

                Dangerous encounters, like that, happened constantly throughout the country. There was definitely a crime epidemic and no one seemed to have the vaccine.

 As far as the mafia knew they didn’t want daylight to return. Night was perfect for carjacking and the seedy night life of many cities.

Sam the Scam was an up and coming member of the New England chapter of the La Cosa Nostra. He was only eighteen, but his skill and violence supersede his years. Sam has already carried out hits on three government employees. He has carjacked over a thousand cars and shipped them over seas for processing. He made his manager proud, and rich. Sam was the second highest earner in his crew. He soon took over the gambling sector of his crew and ran in beautifully.

The FBI set up a raid on Sam’s gambling house. He was abducted, without incident, and was taken to headquarters. They were watching Sam for years and had big plans for him. The agents left him in an interrogation room and watched through a one way mirror. Knock out gas was pumped into the room:

“Hey, what the hell are you doing? What’s that smell?” Sam said before he fell asleep in his chair. A government doctor walked into the room and looked Sam over. The procedure began; Sam was strapped to a chair and was injected with a robotic virus. The device attacked, opening up truth regions of his brain. The virus also deleted selected sections of his brain that controlled his affiliation to the mafia. Sam was then questioned for hours, answering in a monotone voice. Sam will be studied and questioned for several more hours. The government soon had enough information to, potentially, take down the mafia and work on restoring peace.