Saturday, September 29, 2012



                In a garbled voice the alien said to his crew mate while trying to stay calm: “We’re approaching the surface too fast, there’s no way we can make a smooth landing.”

                The other alien responds with: “Initiate padded landing, we’ll be fine, don’t worry.”

                The ship crashes at high speeds. The path the aliens took was too close to the surface of Earth, they were trying to find the planet Prizen but were caught in Earth’s gravitational pull and couldn’t escape it.


                Three soldiers trudged through a field and come across the crashed ship. They slowly entered the mangled craft through a giant, gaping, hole and look around, scanning the large interior. There were many wall mounted instruments, far more advanced than anything created on Earth, but the soldiers didn’t seem to understand the full impact of their find. They crouched down in order to enter the cockpit. Their sleep deprived state didn’t allow them to take everything in; they didn’t see the two, approximately four foot tall, aliens dead on the floor. The aliens’ blue skin was punctured by  airborne debris as a result of the crash. They had two severe head injuries, green blood was spilled on the floor. The soldiers left the ship and continued on their mission. They made it into the nearby woods and were caught in an ambush; the three weary soldiers were killed instantly by gun fire.

                The field and nearby woods were soon saturation bombed by enemy air craft, destroying the space ship along with everything else.

                Stowed away in a hidden compartment, in the disintegrated ship, was a map. Not just an ordinary paper map. If recovered and studied, the map would lead the way to a perfect, serene paradise. The aliens were on their way to such a place but made a wrong turn.

                The war of man clouded the invaluable find lodged in the ship. It was almost comical how the war for a better world shrouded the map to an already perfect civilization, no one needed to die to find it, maybe just the aliens who tried to follow it. The paradise planet of Prizen will not be found for many more years, until some other being will find the maps planted throughout the universe.

                The creatures of Prizen realized their good fortune while the planet was initially built. That’s right, built. The builders were a humanoid species who thought of just about everything. Large enough surface area to accommodate millions of generations of organisms, and plenty of food and sunlight. The builders didn’t think to recruit extra planetary organisms to their paradise planet. The inhabitants of Prizen thought of that all on their own. They realized their good fortune and sent out maps for others to find their home. Little did they know of the fate of other, naturally occurring planets. War consumed all, or almost all. The natural path of civilization was to succumb to war to resolve one’s differences. If only there was better funding for other habitable places. The creatures of Prizen retained their hope. Eventually someone will find their paradise and they will be rewarded.   

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Zombie Priest

Zombie Priest

Main Character: A well respected priest who has returned from the grave to fulfill his destiny

Setting: A modern church, where gods don’t dare to walk

Plot: A near brush with death from a fiendish plot

                I’ve been killed once but have been given a second chance. I can see my killers now, the old school thinkers of Catholicism. What I was teaching, was apparently too radical, they needed to put me in the ground. They succeeded; a large brute with a fiendish smile put a gun to my head while I was sitting in my study. Now I’ve risen just like Jesus, except I have a mission now, to exact revenge. This hole in my head will never heal, it’s a scar and remnant of my former life. I guess you could say I’m a zombie now, but am more alive than the undead. First stop, the location of the brute, I think his name is Deus X. I was told that he frequented the pub on 6th, I’ll have to pay him a visit.  

                The priest made his first stop at the weapons depot. He picked up an AK-47, three grenades, a pistol, rope, a hunting knife and various other supplies including a smoke bomb. “Hey man, you got a gaping hole in your head.” Said the cashier. “I know, it’s been there all my life. Just sell me the crap and I’ll be on my way.” Said the priest.

                The priest left the store and made his way to the pub on 6th. I need to find Deus X and kill the sonofabitch. He strolled into the bar and rolled the smoke ‘nade. The patrons left the bar, except for Deus X. He stayed at his stool stoically. “I guess it’s time father, I’ve been waiting for this moment for some time. Has it been five years now?” Said Deus X.  “ I believe it has been.” Said the priest as he whipped around his AK. He fired off shots deep into the bar, somehow missing the man in question.  He rallied his last few bullets and pumped them into the chamber. You bastard, you’re not getting away!

                “Well father, you’re a pretty terrible shot. See if you can face me head on.” Said Deus.

                The two met in hand to hand combat with a smoky back drop. The priest pulled out the hunting knife and thrusted towards Deus X. The first blow missed but the second hit it’s mark, right in the femoral artery.  Deus cried as he bled to death on the grimy pub floor. “Do you remember me? The man who you killed many years ago. Do you see this hole in my head? You put it there.” The priest cried as Deus X  blurted out: “It was the orders of Sacred, the man of the deep. He ordered the strike. You will find happiness if you take it out with him.” Deus said as he died.  

                The priest sat up and panted for air, the battle took a little out of him. He can’t believe that his killer is now dead. He has the name of the man who ordered his death, Sacred. The man must die. The priest seeks revenge in order to lead a healthy life.

                He finds a cozy alley way to seek refuge and sleeps a couple of hours. Sacred must be at his home at this hour. The time is six in the morning, but where is he? He channels his god and tells him to proceed to six sixteen seventh avenue.

                I’m sure this is Sacred’s house, I can feel it. The Priest throws a grenade against the door and blow it open. He throws another three to blow the place up, Sacred runs out the back. The Priest watches it burn as he circles around back and finds Sacred coughing in the make shift baseball diamond of the back yard. The Priest raises the AK and points it at sacred who stands up to meet him. “I suppose Deus told you about me, that I ordered your hit, so many years ago.” Said Sacred. “Now is your time, I’m defenseless, do your worst, I deserve to die.” Said Sacred. With those words the priest dropped his AK, ah too easy.

                The Priest lifted his knife and prepared to strike Sacred when he was overcome with emotion. I can’t kill this man, he is weakened, overcome with my death. I must not kill him. Just then Sacred removed a syringe from his pocket and lunged at the priest. The needle struck the Priest’s arm and sent wave after wave of sedatives into his system. The man passed out as Sacred squeezed his neck, harder and harder.

                The Priest came to his senses and fought off Sacred with the power of the gods. Sacred was on his back, the Priest stabbed him repeatedly ending his life in a pool of blood.

                He got his revenge, the Priest could live his second life in peace.