Friday, November 2, 2012

Space Port Part Two

Space Port Part Two

                Little Pete’s body drifted off to the burning star known as the sun, soon he was incinterated, to become nothing but a Carbon collection consumed by nuclear fusion.

                Big Cretch nursed his superficial wound and carried on with his business. He bandaged it up, still flummoxed by what happened. This particular Saturday night was like any other, drunken patrons and an empty tip jar. People are pretty cheap at the Chatsubo Space Port. As always they moved like zombies, speed not being a particularly popular drug, the denizens of Space Port stuck to their depressants.

                The next night the Skull’s bar was visited by a rather shady man. He dressed all in black; back suit, black vest and black tie, a rather ominous figure. He wore a silver mask, ominous indeed. Big Cretch approached him, as a bouncer should.

                “What’s your business?” Asked Big Cretch with a snear.

                “Just wondering the where a bouts of my friend Little Pete, he seems to be missing.” Said the man in black. His body language did not give any indications of his mood. The man appeared cool, calm and collected.

                “Haven’t seen him.” Said Big Cretch as he puffed up his chest.

                “I find that hard to believe, he was here last weekend, I know, I was in communication with him.” Said the man in black.

                Little did Big Cretch know, Little Pete reported to some very important people. The entire conversation took place in a dreary back drop. The hazy night barely concealed the dealings of the night. Drugs, Stim, rare spices not seen in any part of Chatsubo, all the color of a murky green. The haze always had a greenish tint.

                As a bouncer it was Big Cretch’s duty to do away with any unsavory folk. He lunged at the man in black and struck him in his silver mask. The man backed away slightly and met the force of the punch.

                “Nice try, my face plate is made of the strongest metal known to your solar system. You can hit me all you want, I’m ready for you. I see you prefer to fight hand to hand, I’ll meet you.” Said the man in black. He reeled back and struck the big man, his blow did little damage, much like the wind pushing a dragonfly. Big Cretch struck the man in his guts, he then pulled his glass knife.

                “ wish to fight me in that style, with a weapon. I’m afraid I have the better. “ Said the man in black as he removed a silenced pistol. Big Cretch stepped back and dropped the knife. He was visbly shaken, never seeing a gun before, but knowing what it is.

                “Now will you tell me the whereabouts of Little Pete? I do not wish to kill you.” Said the man in black.   

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