Sunday, October 23, 2011

New Story: The House of the Future

The House of the Future
                High atop the mountain sat a house of curious wonder. This was no ordinary house. As you complete the trek to the top of the mountain you’ll first see the flying car parked on the landing pad. From this altitude, the car does not have to expend much energy, or use much citrium infused water to reach the clouds. The car is also quite interesting in that it is half machine half organic. It drinks citrium infused water and eats table scraps from the kitchen, but enough about the car.
                As you’ll see the side yard is home to many wind turbines. Harvesting the strong winds at the top of the mountain and pumping the electricity to the house. Also on the roof are many solar panels running at 98% efficiency, the best money can buy. The house is completely off the grid, it generates all the electricity it needs.
                The rather large back yard contains two, large chicken coops. Within the coops are german shepherd sized chickens, genetically modified to be huge and protein rich. They each lay eggs the size of small bowling balls. The eggs are packed with vitamins, protein and the right balance of carbohydrates and fats. The single inhabitant of the house can live off of the eggs alone, but he prefers to butcher a chicken every now and again.
                Also within the backyard are two full vegetable gardens. One garden is just potatoes, cucumbers and tomatoes; the second is peas, carrots, squash and zucchini. He built by hand the enclosures that contain the cucumbers to give them climbing room. Both gardens receive full sun for eight hours a day since there is not competition for light from tall trees. The man eats to capacity and cans the rest of the vegetables so they can be consumed during the winter months. He rarely has to go shopping. For a little variety, the man harvests wild blueberries that grow along the mountain. It’s the perfect life for a hermit.
                Every other week he takes his flying car ten miles to the desert to harvest sand. He is a rather eccentric inventor and uses the sand to melt into glass. He then molds the glass into light bulb forms. He’s engineered light bulbs to never burn out and uses them throughout his house.
                Water is condensed from the air through the use of large cooling spheres attached to the roof. The water trickles down the side of the sphere and runs down the jacket of the rod that supports the sphere. The water is then collected in large barrels to be taken from whenever the man sees fit.  He then boils the water to sterilize it and refrigerates it for use later.
                The man is never greeted by visitors, but that’s how he likes it. He is constantly working on his amazing house. Always busy and working hard. He believes in the philosophy that if you work hard and do good, then you’ll receive good. So far his philosophy has been true.      

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