Sunday, October 16, 2011

New Story: The Golems Part 2

The Golems Part 2
                The golems act in a pair, their energies feed off of each other, two complimentary pieces forming an evil entity. They stood tall and dark, the silver one to the right of the girl, the gold to her left. She fell down, crouched and curled on the cobble stone road. She transformed her body into a pile of ash. A gentle wind took her away. She traveled up into the sky and watched the golems from high above. Her essence mixed with the air molecules and soon she could extend her cloud to encompass the town. She remained suspended over the golems, watching and blotting out the moon light. The townspeople looked up into the sky with horror and saw, silhouetted against the stars, a black ash mist. She corrupted the oxygen around her, replacing the molecules with carbon monoxide and other sleep enhancing elements.  
                The silver golem filled himself with rage and thrust his massive fists into nearby buildings, destroying the wood and cement facades. He worked his way up and down the streets. Patrons and civilians fled the buildings screaming and crying. His eyes emitted intense lasers, the beams ignited nearby trees and roofs.
                The gold golem stood still, he did not move. From his position he began to shake and tremble. His eyes were closed and an aura soon formed around him. The aura increased in size like rings around a drop in a pond. The fleeing civilians ran into the magical aura and then they changed. They became lethargic and slow. Their movements were apathetic. The aura slowly encompassed the entire city and continued to expand. The people of the city were trapped in a draining bubble. The silver golem stopped his reign of terror and stood still. He lent his power to the gold golem. The spell intensified and caused the people to crawl, some lay down and slept in the roads.  
                She can watch the entire city, her dark form creating a nasty shadow.  She hears something in the distance. “Is it music of sorts, a song sung in a high pitched falsetto?” She casts telescopic vision on herself. She peered in the direction of the song and saw the source of it. A small boy sings a song by himself. The boy is sitting in a garden on a sunny afternoon. Sunflowers tower over him; some are unable to hold their giant flower head up. He continued to sing until all the sunflowers are fully upright. A ray of sun shine beams over him. She knew there was something enchanting about this boy and his abilities; she feels an intense sense of good coming from him. She knew he must never come near the golems.
                The golems continue to cast their spell of coma over the civilians. Everyone in the city sleeps except for one man. His immunity prevents falling under the golems spell. He stands up and looks around the block. His fellow men and women all sleep under a horrible curse. He senses something far in the distance, something wholly good. He turns to leave the city but is stopped by a giant silver golem. His red eyes narrow. The golem bends down and reaches with his massive hand. He grabs the man but is suddenly repulsed by the contact with the man’s body. Electricity shoots out from the man’s body and electrocutes the silver golem. The man runs and flees the city.
                “I must find the beholder of this intense good. Hopefully he or she will have a solution to this horrible problem.”  

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