Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Lab

The Lab
                Today is my first day as intern to the famous research scientist Dr. Isaac. I showed up to the lab twenty minutes early and I met him at the lobby, he extended his hand for a shake, I nervously extended mine in return.
                “Welcome James to MRL (Moon Research Lab), we are the first laboratory to be established on the moon. As you’ll remember, since the colonization of the moon there have been many facilities set up, but we are the first biological/cybernetics lab on the planet. Did you have a good trip from Earth?” Asked Dr. Isaac.
                “Um, yes, very much so.” James replied.
                “Good, then we shall proceed this way. Here is a lab coat and safety glasses for you. We’ll begin in the aquatic laboratory.” Said Dr. Isaac.
                Dr. Isaac walked to the right of the doorway and swiped his security badge. The double doors opened, leading them into a LED lit laboratory. There were four large tanks, each with an assortment of tubes and pipes running into them. The tubes were connected to a large switch board with dials and illuminated buttons throughout. There were clean, organized lab benches with various instruments on them. There were pipettes, hot plates, mini-centrifuges and other equipment. The real wonders lie within the large tanks. They walked over to one and Dr. Isaac began talking:
                “As you’ll see here is our first attempt at a cyborg dolphin, Pete. You’ll see the telekinetic apparatus grafted onto the organism’s cranium. Stand up straight and pay attention.” Said Dr. Isaac.
                “Sorry sir, I’m still a little disoriented from the space ship ride.” Said James.
                Dr. Isaac nodded and continued talking: “this dolphin has the ability of simple telekinesis. You’ll see him stacking those lead blocks in his tank just by using his mind. He’s very intelligent. You’ll also notice the electrodes attached to his telekinetic apparatus. They lead out of the tank and hook up with our control panel right here. We can study his brain activity while he moves and stacks the blocks, very interesting.”
                “Yes indeed, this is absolutely amazing.” Said James.
                “You’ll spend much of your laboratory time here monitoring Pete’s brain activity and recorded data into our electronic lab notebooks. We’ll set you up with one today; moving along now to the second tank.” Said Dr. Isaac.
                The two made their way over to the second large tank where a sea turtle swam around inside it. A technician moves two switches with a click. Suddenly the turtle faded into invisibility. The technician moves the switches back over and the turtle came back into focus.
                “As you’ll see here James, in this tank is Thomas our invisible sea turtle. We’re testing a new type of cloaking device on him, which is interwoven within his flesh. For some reason the device does not react well with oxygen which makes it a perfect fit for the anaerobic respiration cycle of the turtle. On the occasion Thomas will swim to the surface to breathe in air, at which point he becomes visible.
                “That’s incredible!” Said James.
                “Yes, much of what we do here is on the cutting edge, you’ll definitely learn a lot here.” Said Dr. Isaac.

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