Sunday, October 9, 2011

New Story: The Golems Part 1

The Golems

From whence forth did sprout the two
Though mighty and good the human are few
Not from love for human did create thy name
From whence forth her betrayal the evil came

The suffering of many
The two will grow
Fed from ghastly hatred
The world will know
For as long as will shall choose the dark
The monsters of evil will leave their mark
From a pure soul the injustice is deep
One with hope and music will sing
From his lips the two will sleep
Until he is found we all must carry
The burden of truth in a world so scary

                Outside the saloon a horsedrawn carriage trots past, while a girl in a white dress admires the majestic steed. Large bronze gears turn within the iron belly of the carriage which set a turbine into motion. The electricity produced is able to power two lanterns within the cab of the carriage. Reading the program, Sir Humphrey Sterwart studies the names of each performer, his eyeballs quickly moving behind his orange tinted, gold rimmed glasses.
            “I feel as though we’ve been on the course for quite some time. The theater can’t be too much farther,” announces Myriam, Humprey’s wife, fanning herself as she speaks. Her blond curls bounce about as she frantically looks out the window.
                “Your wife makes a good point, this should have only taken twenty minutes.” Senior Jon Cuttington announces while glancing at his jewel encrusted pocket watch from across the cab. His wife Margaret with both arms wrapped around his left arm nods and momentarily makes a helpless face. The carriage comes to a halt.
                “Why on earth are we stopping here?” Asks Humphrey.
                Suddenly the cab door is yanked open from outside the carriage. A masked man stands in the opening holding a shiny silver pistol.
                “Sorry to ruin your evening folks but you’re about to be robbed, hand over all of your valuables.” The menacing burglar says while steadily holding the gun.
                “Whoa easy there sir.” Jon says.
                The women scream almost in unison.
                “Are you sure you want to do this?” Asks Humphrey.
                “Just give him our money and valuables dear.” Myriam whispers to Humphrey, her voice wavers as she speaks.
                “Sorry kind sir but I’ve already made up my mind. Please don’t make me shoot you. Well too late.” The burglar says as he squeezes the trigger.
                The girl in the white dress screams as the gun fires, she witnesses the murder. The women scream, the masked burglar flees the scene. Humphrey slumps down clenching his chest, he dies a few seconds later.
                The girl continues to watch as the people within the carriage move about helplessly.  Myriam leaves the carriage and seeks help within the saloon. The girl squeezes her hands together while she slowly closes her eyes, protecting her from the horrible scene. Sparks emit from her closed eyes. The sparks increase in size and soon flash out like a fire exposed to gasoline. Her hatred approaches a zenith of emotion, her hatred for the flaws of man, the depravities that caused this tragedy to happen. From her fists flow a radiating light; she crouches down and begins to shake. The stream of fire flowing from her eyes reaches the ground and takes on another form. The fire becomes molten lava. Each eye pours out more lava. On both sides of her the magma collects and forms large feet. The material coils and smoothes out forming large pillars. The girl screams and draws the attention of the people in the carriage. More lava pours from her eyes, solidifying into two immense torsos. More and more lava pours from the small girl. Her dress changes from white to black. The death of a noble triggered these changes and formations. The two large torsos soon were met with arms, hands, a neck and a head. The evil creations stood tall.
                Thousands of miles away a boy sings a somniferous and calming song.  

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