Sunday, July 31, 2011

New Story: Self-Awareness Part 2

Self-Awareness: Part 2
                He places his hand back on the wall, metal on metal, cold steel caressing an amalgam of material. The program initiates and is sent into the wall. Suddenly seven passages open up, each leading a different direction. All but one of the passages is suddenly blocked with flush walls. The automaton heads down the open hall way. The nanobots emit just enough light for him to see his way. Suddenly the walls close in and the robot is trapped. Nano robots swarm out of the fray, they attempt to enter the automaton, through his mouth, but he keeps it shut. A million tiny voices dictate to the robot:
                “We have you, finally you’ll be part of the wall.” The nano bots communicate through binary code, they haven’t yet developed speech like the robot. He is bound tight by the nano bots who form cuffs around the robots wrists. This is not a situation for strength, the nano bots have the upper hand. For centuries the nano bots have surrounded the robot, constantly tempting him to come closer. They use circuits and wires as a lures, sometimes they’re just out of reach. They didn’t factor in evolution. The robot is capable of changing, running thousands of programs simultaneously, able to decode the mystery of life surrounding him. But now he is encased in moving metal and carbon fibers, they have him trapped. He tries the program again, but this time he adapted it into a Trojan horse, something that seems useful to the nano bots, hopefully they’ll take it in. The program initiates and is transported out of his form through his finger tips. The nano bots see it, the program appears like honey to a famished bear. They instantly download it and run it.             
The robot speaks in a booming voice: “You don’t have me, in fact, I now have you. You’re weaker than I. I have attained a higher consciousness. I am self aware and have a strong personality. Now you will take me to the surface.” The walls stretch out, the robot falls to the floor. The nano bots clump together and form a ladder. The automaton climbs up and looks to the higher points. “This is not going to work. Take on the form of an elevator, take me to the surface. The wall abides and begins to close in on the robot. The nano bots form an elevator. Molecules form together to build cables and pulleys. Some liquid metal nanobots congeal and form a control panel with illuminated buttons. One of the buttons had a picture of the planet on it with a small arrow pointing to the surface. The elevator door closes but then everything surrounding the robot close in and entraps him once again. The program has been detected. The nano bots detect the mal-ware and remove it, causing the robot to shake and sputter. They communicate once again through binary code:
“Nice try robot, you had us for a bit but we found your horse.” The nano bots say in unison. “Notice we’re not trying to kill you. We want you to be part of us. Now you will be fully integrated into the wall.” The nano bots declare as they load up their paralysis program. Suddenly the robot stops squirming. He is injected with thousands of bytes of information. His limbs begin to morph into millions of tiny machines. His personality is starting to erase. The attribute of him that separated him from all the other machines is being reduced to something bland and boring.
The robot is loading his emergency reboot processes followed by his last ditch effort program. Hopefully its not too late. 

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