Monday, August 8, 2011

New Story: Self Awareness Part 3

Self Awareness: Part 3
                The emergency reboot program initiated. Electrons pulse through the automaton like blood through the veins of a biological organism. The tiny machines that used to be the robot’s limbs are forming, congealing together to create robotic limbs once again. The wall contracts, tiny machines explode away from the robot and keep their distance. His personality starts to return and now he can take advantage of the wall in its vulnerable state. He runs over to the wall and places his hands on the surface. Bytes pulsate through his fingers and migrate into the wall. The nano bots accept the program and are once again under the spell of the automaton.
                “To the surface, take me.” The robot said.
                The wall surrounded the robot and became the floor. The box containing the machine soon propelled him higher and higher, up through the ceiling and into soil. Through two miles of layers the machine is shot up through Zarin’s atmosphere and lands near a tall and ancient tree. The nano bots forming a door soon slid open and the machine walked out.
                “This must be the surface of Zarin, finally I escaped my imprisonment, now to find a living entity to communicate with.” The robot said to himself.
                He walks over to the ancient tree and puts his palm to the bark.
                “I’ve seen a lot over the years, over the one thousand years of my existence.” Said the majestic tree. “I’ve witnessed battles and the changing eco-system, the advancing organisms and the rise and fall of the machines. I haven’t seen one like you in quite some time. In fact it was nearly five hundred years ago when the surface walkers sent the metal ones deep into Zarin, the very place you were shot out of a little while ago. Were you exiled?” The tree asks.
                “Here let me meet your size, then we can speak as equals.” The machine says.
                The automaton removes his hand from the tree’s exterior and soon grows to meet the height of the tree.  He places his hand back on the tree.
                “I appreciate the conversation, oh majestic tree, you have brought much insight into my past, and the past of the machines. I must’ve been in exile over these long years, I can’t remember exactly though. I just recently evolved self awareness and can now reflect on myself and my surroundings.” The robot said as he removed his hand, he soon shrunk down to his original size. His metal limbs contracted back, electrons condensing and rearranging.
                The machine woke up lying on the cold surface. The nano bot wall continued to surround him, mocking him.
                “It was all a dream? I suppose if I evolved a personality, then I gained the ability to dream. Well then, in that case I know what I must do. I must reach the surface so I can learn about and understand my past.  

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