Monday, July 11, 2011

New Story: Robo-Race

Grandpa Guff sat in his easy rocker 9000 and looked down as young Olly ambled to him. "Say, young Olly, did I ever tell you the story of the robo race?" Grandpa asked. "No, Grandpa, I don't think so." The youngster responded, his bright eyes shined in the dim afternoon light. "Well it all started about 70 years ago, your old gramps was a wee one like you." The old man talked and rocked in the chair, his cheeks shook as he spoke.

Across the planet, each big power country (USA, China, Russia, Japan, England and India) started constructing bigger and more powerful robots. This kind of race was reminescent of the nuclear arms race of old. USA had Gearson, a 200 foot tall steel behemoth. On each wrist he had dual mounted lasers, four rail guns, a buzz saw and a fire hose. The swiss army in a can, dressed in red, white and blue. China produced King Chrome, 210 feet of bullet proof glass and titanium. His secret weapon, was..well, it was a secret. Japan, England and China each had 150 foot tall bots. The race continued for many more years. Gearson was replaced with Gearson 2, then 3, and finally version 4. Gearson 4 stood at roughly 15,000 miles tall. There was a massive steel, rock and iron recall, in order to fill out the steel gargantuan. Buildings across the nation had to be made entirely out of wood for ten years leading up to Gearson 4's completion.

King Chrome was soon followed by King Gold and then King Platinum. KP stood at 14,768 miles tall. A Towering feat of Chinese engineering. Russia, Japan, England and India soon collapsed under economic stress due to the robo race.

"So, Gearson 4 was the biggest and bestest robot ever!?" Olly asked. "He was surely the biggest but I wouldn't say the best." Grandpa Guff answered while he got into his forth sweater. Olly was watching intently, his parka kept him warm. The sun began to set; the temperature dropped.

"Let me tell you more about King Platinum..." King Platinum was fast, very fast. He used nuclear fission propelled boosters to dodge projectiles. His platinum and tempered glass body was nearly bullet proof, nearly. The Chinese had a huge celebration commemorating KP's unveiling. The robot stood up and floated off of earth due to the dwindling gravity at Earth's first orbital. He accidentally knocked the moon off it's orbit with his massive head. KP was fully functioning and self conscience. His platinum cheeks turned red as he watched the moon drift away.

Thousands of miles away in USA, Gearson 4 was finally unveiled to a cheering crowd of people. The president, leaning out the top floor of the Empire State Building, cut the ribbon around Gearson's left boot. Gearson stood up and caught the glance of KP. The two robots instantly drew their weapons as they drifted off into space. KP swung first, his glass hand-blade sliced across Gearson's chest, but only left a scratch. Gearson countered with his spinning buzz saw; KP dodged it. The saw cut a nearby satellite in half. The fight continued for a week. Satellite mounted photographs and cameras broadcast the fight to Earth. The headlines ran: 'Robot fight continues!' 'Who will win!?' The fight raged on, until, finally Gearson threw a megaton punch. Agile KP dodged the fearsome blow, but it reached a new target. Gearson's fist struck Earth, sending the planet flying. The unstable rock we call home, accelerated past Mars and the gas giants. It settled one orbital away from Pluto.

"And that Olly, is the reason why it's so cold here." Grandma Guff dropped two logs into the fireplace. The warmth emanated out and heated the small living room. "That, my grandson, was the Robo-race."

"What happened to the robots" asked Olly, refusing to hear the end of the story. "Oh, right, well KP used his secret weapon: the double boot stomp which sent Gearson flying into the sun, but was sucked in as well due to the gravitational pull. The robots melted away and now the Earth is colder, the end." Grandpa Guff drifted off to sleep as Olly watched on. The youngster soon got up off the floor and followed Grandma Guff into the kitchen.   

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