Sunday, July 17, 2011

New Story: Sci-Corp

                Jared M. Fischer walked up to the huge gate leading to four large buildings. The four buildings were completely identical. Each of the steel and glass behemoths were tall and rounded near the top, over 100 floors each. “Wow” Jared thought to himself, “This place is massive, I can’t believe I have a job here, this is a dream come true.”
                He greeted the two guards at the gate; each was armed with a pistol. This seemed a bit odd to Jared but he continued on anyway. They did not greet him back. One of them said in a deep voice “Right this way, orientation will be starting soon for you.” Jared continued to the left most building. The doors were opened by another set of guards. He was soon accompanied by four guards to the front desk.
                “Name” said the girl at the front desk. “Jared M. Fischer,” said a guard, beating Jared to it. Jared looked puzzled. “Ok Jared, right this way. Guards, return to your posts.”
                “Hi Jared, my name is Victoria, welcome to Sci-Corp. First things first, you’ll need to change into our standard issue white tunics.” Jared thought this was strange as well, he was dressed in business casual which the Sci-Corp recruiter told him was the dress code.
                “Um, sure, I thought the dress code was business casual.” Jared said.
                Victoria quickly moved to a drink dispenser and removed a plastic cup. She pushed a button and a red drink came out. “Here, you look thirsty, have some delicious Pomegranate juice.” She handed the cup to Jared. He took it and drank half of it, took a little break then drank the other half. “That’s pretty good.” He said.
                “How to you feel about changing now?” Victoria asked.
                “I would love to, I pledge my fealty to Sci-Corp.” Jared said almost robotically.
                “Excellent, right this way.” She said as she led Jared down the hall.
                Jared was led into a small changing room with several other people in it, both men and women changing, Victoria entered as well. Jared reached for a white tunic. He quickly took off his clothes. He stripped down to his boxers. The other people did not look at Jared, they were either changing or drinking Pomegranate juice. He put on the tunic and sat down in a chair.
                “Ok everyone, welcome to Sci-Corp orientation day one. Please go forward to the next room.
                For the next 15 hours , Jared and 100 other people were put through an obstacle course, mind puzzles, pushups, sit ups, calf raises, squats, dead lifts with large amounts of weight. They each took 4 one hour exams. In between testing there was more exercise. Pull ups, chin ups, curls, bench press (even the older people had to do this) a 5 mile run. Everyone was pouring sweat and completely exhausted. A trainer named Prosperity handed out cups of Pomegranate juice. Everyone drank feverishly.
                Jared left the orientation rooms at midnight. His tunic drenched in sweat. Victoria greeted him at the front desk again.
                “Good job today Jared! How about I lead you to the bedrooms where you can relax and rest. Since it’s already midnight, you probably won’t get home until very late. Sleeping here would be the wise thing to do. Do you want some Pomegranate juice?

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