Sunday, March 4, 2012

Space Police

Space Police
                “Alright Max, we got a call in. There seems to be a tyrannical dictator on the planet V who is enslaving the people of the northeast continent through the use of mind control. He’s a powerful telepathic who projects his hypnotic messages over several thousand monitors set up throughout the cities. If we leave now and take the jump drive ship we should get there by sunrise.” Said Buster.
                “Sounds like a plan Buster. My only concern is, how are we going to be safe from his mind control?” Asked Max.
                “They are a different species with a completely different language. We should be safe.” Said Buster. Hopefully he’s correct in his assumption.
                The pair set off from the celestial body Y, the head quarters of the space police, the anti-corruption arm of the galactic government specializing in the freedom of all organisms.
                Just as Buster predicted, the two made it to the planet V by sunrise. They landed in the space port of the northeast continent and drew their phasers. The weapons were set to stun. Throughout the space port were several monitors, projecting the dictator’s messages to the helpless people.
                “Hey Max, don’t look at the monitors.” Said Buster.
                “I thought you said the mind control wouldn’t work on us.” Said Max.
                “Right, I did, but just to be safe. We don’t want to take any chances.” Said Buster.
                They left the space port and weaved their way through the masses of human noids acting like zombies. Their destination was city hall, there they should be able to confront the man behind all of this. He is the one who is enslaving the people of northeast continent, making them work to near death and not paying them. The two encountered a couple of guards at the entrance to city hall. The trusty phasers put them to sleep.
                “This really can’t be as easy as it seems. But I guess if you have control over the continent then there really are no enemies. Most likely any foreign enemies would be under the mind control too.” Said Buster.
                Suddenly a mass of monitors sprung up out of the pavement and encircled the pair, preventing any escape routes. It happened so fast, they were unable to close their eyes in time. Max was soon under the spell of the dictator, but Buster was unaffected. He stared at the monitor and watched the visuals then the dictators voice accompanied it.
                “Hello Max and Buster. I’ve been watching you. Now you will do as I say.” Said the dictator.
                “How are you resisting!?” Asked the dictator.
                “Like you, I am a powerful telepathic. You’ve met your match! Give me your worst.” Demanded Buster.  

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