Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Bar

The Bar
                He picked up the quarter and gently flipped it. “Heads, I win. Pay up mate.” The cyborg said to his metal opponent.
                “Well, it is a 50 50 chance between a win and a loss.” Said the droid as he forked over two bits.
                “That’s the rules compadre.” Said the cyborg as he pocketed the coins.
                The bar maid played the piano. Her delicate fingers skipped over the keys, effortlessly playing a tune to the drunken patrons.
                “Play it again dear.” Said the inebriated cyborg. Some laughter fills the bar.
                This was just an ordinary night at the saloon. Music plays as the masses get drunk. Cyborgs and humans get drunk on alcohol. The droids are left to more creative means. Some partake in the shock drink. A mix of electrons carried through a wire. It’s usually just ordered as “the wire.” It sends a current to their CPU and creates a rush, like speed.
                The cyborg is happy with his whisky, he doesn’t enjoy the wire. The shock works for him too, but not the same way as with the droids. He sticks to his drink.  He stumbles to his feet as he took a shot of Jameson.
                “To the bathroom I go, catch you on the flip side metal man.” The cyborg says as he moves down the line to the restroom. The cyborg doesn’t get too far before he bumps into a large metal horse droid.
                “Pardon me sir.” He says as he walks by.
                He makes it to the bathroom and pukes on the wall. “Dang, almost in the bowl.” He says to himself.
                The horse droid remarks to his friend. “That man appeared very intoxicated. Reminds me of my youth, which of course was two hundred years ago. I’ve learned a lot over the years. Did you know you can tell a lot about someone just by their eyes? The way they dart from side to side or up and down. Remarkable even.” His friend nods and looks on.
                The cyborg returns from the bathroom stumbling. He passes the horse and nearly bumps into him again. He sits down and begins to think to himself. “Where’s my next drink?” He sits back down at his chair and notices his metal gambling partner has left and sitting at his place is a strange looking alien.
                “Care to flip a coin. Heads I win, tails you win?” The alien just stares at him. “Sure” it mumbles.
                The cyborg flips the coin. “Heads I win. Pay up blue guy.” The cyborg says as he extends his metal palm. The alien grabs the coin and examines it. “Wait a minute this coin has two heads.” Said the blue alien as he began to get angry. “So what? Heads I win.” Said the cyborg. The alien leans over, dislodges his jaw and bites off the cyborg’s head. The patrons of the bar stop what they’re doing and look over, horrified. “Heads I win.” Said the alien.

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