Sunday, February 26, 2012

Space Opera

Space Opera
                The large ship beamed him down. He landed on the yellow planet with blaster rifle in his arms. There should be some more coming down soon to help him out. Within the sky lasers and blasters shot across, human ships fighting aliens in a massive airborne battle. When he landed, all he could think about was her. “I must find her, my one real love.” She was taken from Earth and brought to the yellow planet as a slave. “I hope she’s alive.” He was a lowly space cowboy, she, a royal princess. But they are in love, a soldier and a princess.
                He had memories of her come back to him as he made his way to the forest, their time together during space exploration in his little ship The Avenger. They spent months together exploring nearby worlds and moons, traveling the surface during the day by land cruiser, and spending their time together at night by candle light sharing intimate moments in The Avenger. The memories put a smile on his face and filled him with an intense urge to find her, love being his tractor beam to her.
                He reached the edge of the forest when two tall aliens emerged with beam cannons in hand. The man fired two shots, stunning and finally killing one of them. The other looked at his dead partner and shot wildly at the man, missing him completely. The man fired again at close range, killing the alien, cannon striking the ground, green blood oozing out. He recharged his weapon and looked up to the melee in the sky.   
                 A ship belonging to the humans became a ball of fire and quickly descended down to the planet, a trail of smoke left it as it made a crash landing sending dirt and sediment into the air. The man turned and looked behind him, several humans beamed down to the surface, they nodded to the man.
                The man closed his eyes and held his hand to his heart: “find her, where is she…she’s in the floating city in the forest.” With his course in mind he entered the forest. Tall blue trees stretched to the sky, massive ferns grew up out of the fertile soil. The man removed a light saber from his belt and cleared a path. His heart led him, but didn’t tell him about the danger ahead. There could be an alien around every corner, but he knew he would be safe. He could only think about her.
                She tried to stand up but the chain was not quite long enough to let her reach the window. “I know he’s out there, he’s coming to save me.” She was locked in a tall tower, chained to the floor. She looked out the window, but all she could see was the sky, blue with the occasional flash of red and orange. She could only look to the sky.  There was a massive war raging on, fought for her. The aliens declared war on the humans by abducting her. They demanded ransom; they wanted ships and weapons, but the humans were too stubborn to give in to their demands, too proud to not fight for one of their own.
                Within the floating city to aliens prepared for a standoff. They manned guard posts and patrol ships. The battle still has not reached the floating city. What she saw through the window was far off in the distance. They were close, but still had to fight through the wall of alien ships. The city was the last stronghold of the aliens. If the humans could take it then the war would be theirs. They would win. She prayed to see him again. Her only solace, knowing that he was close.     

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