Sunday, February 19, 2012


            Finally the aliens landed on Earth, about one hundred years ago. They emerged from the massive ships and stood fifty feet tall. A war for dominance of the planet raged on. Many humans and aliens died.
            “I regained consciousness and looked to my right. A boy, couldn’t be much older than eighteen looked over to me. He was covered in blood. Strewn across the field were horses and men, so many men, death all around us. He whispered to me: “water.” I reached for my canteen when I looked up in horror. A giant alien foot came down and crushed me, ending my life.” This was all dictated into the soldier’s recording device, recovered from the battle field.
            The war continued for fourteen years. The aliens won and enslaved the humans for a period of time and then decided on something. Instead of working for them, which with their small size, comparably to the aliens, they could be better suited as pets. The humans took to this quickly. They didn’t have to work, they were pampered. Nothing was expected of them.
            While aliens worked to run the planet, humans were left at home Monday and Tuesday and were dropped off at a human only park for the rest of the work week. There they socialized and played, content with their new lives.
            While at the park the humans would discuss mundane details of their lives. One remarked to the other “well, we make great pets.” “Yes we do.” Said the other. They laughed.
            “But we don’t have any freedom.” Said a rather opinionated young woman. “Aren’t you at all dissatisfied with the way things worked out for us? We lost the war and now we’re reduced to cats! We lost control of our world and we can’t control our futures. We’re taken to the vet once a month and are dropped off here five days a week. This is degrading, we’re better than this.” The wire taps picked up the conversation and played it to the woman’s owner.
            Later that night…”We have a bit of a problem, you seem to be unhappy with the way things are going for you. Would you rather be enslaved by us, like the old days?”
            The young lady looks up to the massive alien and answers: “I would like to be free. I want to go where ever I want whenever I please. This is worse than slavery. “
            “I’m sorry to hear that. Well, it looks like you’ll have to be euthanized.” Said the alien. As he lifts his leg and was about to crush the woman. He falls over backwards choking.
            “I poisoned your dinner tonight. Your kind will no longer keep us as pets. There will be a revolution and we will be the victors, and I will be their leader. Tomorrow will begin a new era, humans will reclaim earth!” She exclaimed.

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