Sunday, May 8, 2011

New Story: Flesh Into Gear

Flesh Into Gear
                The man sat at his computer and felt an unusual sensation in his fingers as he typed on the key board. His finger tips felt rough, and coarse. He rubbed them together to get a better sense of their new texture. He looked down and noticed iron filings leaving his finger tips as he rubbed them together. He watched as the iron left his finger tips and slowly made their way up his fingers. A deep brownish black pigment took over his fingers. Within them he felt a surge of electricity which made his hair stand on end. He felt a transformation in his brain too; he soon felt the evacuation of emotions, the gain of knowledge and the expedience of ideas and information flowing within his cortex. His eyes turned to glass, pupils were replaced by LEDs. He wanted to scream but couldn’t, he felt no pain. The skin on his hands peeled away and was replaced by stainless steel. Sensors on his metal skin detected the temperature of his environment. He looked to his right arm and witnessed metallic changes there as well. His muscles were replaced by pistons, his veins with pipes, his blood with oil, his heart with a motorized pump. He closed his glass eyes as he felt more changes take place. His arms were now long segments of steel. He stood up and lifted his desk with one hand, his strength astonished him. He sat back down and typed some more on the key board. The computer monitor extended out and wrapped around his head. Electrons poured into his metal skull. The computer transferred programs into his very being. His arms were soon replaced with coiling tentacles, moving about the room. They once again returned to iron tipped hands. His shoulders became large gears, powering his arms and hands. His chest was becoming like a metal drum, with his pumping galvanic heart within. The changes extended down to his legs, each one was replaced by a steel beam with shocks to absorb impacts. His back was formed out of metal plates, one on top of another lying parallel to his spine made of bone. This too changed into a column of transition metals. Bone was dissolved by molten steel and iron. He bent forward and backward, surprised by the range of motion. Within his mouth, teeth were covered by thick layers of gold and silver, bone dissolved away. His ears became auditory sensors made of fanned out metal. The monitor surrounding his head pumped in more commands and turned this human into an elite machine. He even went through a metamorphosis on a cellular level. His red blood cells became molecules of petroleum. His white blood cells became microscopic nano-bots poised to defend against all invaders, bacterial, viral or other. His bone cells changed into iron, manganese, chromium, vanadium, and tungsten bound together as alloys to make steel. His neurons were replaced by an extensive system of circuits and transistors. At the back of his skull was a USB port to plug directly into a computer for transmission of data.
                He became a stronger and more intelligent being. He was one of the first humans to change completely into a machine. The evolution of human life forms into machines was complete for this individual; machines are winning the cold war. One by one computers are mutating their human counterparts, gradually changing the world. Organic life is phasing out; soon the globe will be nothing but machines. Even the earth itself will become one large machine, a fully functioning computer capable of producing machines of every type. They will swarm the earth and will alter the landscape. Trees will be no more; the vital element oxygen will become unnecessary.  This is the wave of the future; this is the way it was meant to be. This is the fate of all life on earth. They will become machines and life will resume once again, only this time they will be more advanced.

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