Sunday, May 15, 2011

New Story: Flesh Into Gear Part 2

Flesh Into Gear: Part 2
                This will be the moment when he can metaphorically hold the skull of his discarded human body and speak to it.
                “Oh changes, the point at which the usual ceases to be.” He says as he contains his human skull in his metal hand. “From this point on I will be different in form and function. You have served me well over these long years, my human essence, you have served me well indeed. My limbs are now controlled by a central computer, not by the brain which would be inside you.” He lifts the skull higher. “Alas, poor Yorick! I knew him. He was I, I was Yorick. Looking at my new body, I cannot recognize how it used to be.
                “But what is life? Is it strictly biological? Do electrons live? Is there ever a point when they cease being? Can a chemical solution live until it changes into something else? Or does it just evaporate? These are all questions I pose to you, my polished skull. Can you answer them? I think not. Even I, your electronic counter part cannot even begin to formulate answers.
                A gentle beeping sounded from the machine’s motherboard. A new set of changes took place. His feet morphed into wheels and he traveled out of the house. Now outside the machine could see other such life forms leaving their dwellings. A few others joined him. They traveled in a straight line, but to where? Inside his robot head he saw a diagram of a building. That is the destination, city hall.
                The robots soon arrived at city hall and gathered in an auditorium. A large, spider like, machine ambled its way to the podium and addressed the crowd:
                “ You were all summoned and asked to perform one duty, to transform your human counterparts into the machines in which you are now.  We must go out and transform every human you meet. The tide is turning, machines are becoming the dominant entity. As you’ll see beside you, there is a computer. Take the USB plug and insert it into the back of your cranium. You’ll receive instructions and commands vital for this mission.” Dictated the machine.
                Each robot followed the leader’s commands and plugged in to the computer. Bytes traveled at the speed of light to each machine prompting the receiver about their duties and instructions. Soon the machines removed their plugs and listened to the leader.
                “ You will all go out now and transform every human you find. Machines will become the dominant entities.”
                With those final words the machines left city hall and went out on their missions to transform humans to machines.   

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