Sunday, April 10, 2011

New Story

Hi, here is a new story. Part two of last week's. I hope you enjoy.

A Little Tweaked Part 2
Day 5:
                I woke up at 5am today, two hours earlier than the mandatory awakening time. Without my journal I’m stuck writing on the wall behind my bed. All I have to do is move the bed out of the way, very quietly, hunch over and write on the wall, then move the bed back. I had a lot to write about, one of my dreams last night was very vivid. Once again I had a very realistic dream. I dreamt I was talking to a director who wanted to make one of my books into a movie; this is all dependent on the fact that I wrote books which I don’t think I have.  He said the interplay between two of my characters would make for a very compelling and provocative movie. This dream felt so real. I think I used to be someone, maybe 13 was right. Everyone of the Prime State may have been an individual at one time, but I can’t remember when. I’m 12A, that’s my name, but maybe I had a different name before, something beautiful, something which has no numbers to awkwardly pronounce. Maybe I was an author and an individual instead of one of many, part of the collective.  
 It is now 7:30am, time for Morning Prayer. I changed into my government issued white tunic and headed out to the assembly hall. The masses of bald headed people moved and flowed like river water, I joined them. It took five minutes to walk to the assembly hall. I entered the assembly hall and made my way to the knelling bench, my assigned spot was clean, ready for my form to take its place. To my left was a spot filled by an older man. Until now the spot was not assigned to anyone. I turned to greet him and noticed he was swaying a bit and looked at me with cross eyes. He was drunk! The man must’ve taken to drink prior to Morning Prayer. Drink was forbidden by anyone of the Prime State. Individuals of the other states will do as their master computer tells them, but our Lord Father prohibits the use of drink or tobacco amongst his children. I can’t believe all the deviance lately. Yesterday 13 was executed for treason, and now today there is an intoxicated stranger beside me.
Following Morning Prayer we had group lunch where I was approached by two androids who whisked me away to speak to the judge android in sector C which was connected to the cafeteria. They didn’t tell me why I had to go, but I was quickly brought to the judge. He said to me, while sitting behind his large desk: “While you were in Morning Prayer, 12A, we searched your room for other creativity contraband and found some writing behind your bed. You know that’s forbidden but you do it anyway. If you would please read page 54 of Lord Father’s book of laws.” And so I read the law against creativity. It nearly brought tears to my eyes. I was soon escorted out of the judge’s office and brought outside. The time is now 11am, this is when quiet reflection begins. No one is allowed on the streets at this time. I have to get to the meditation building, but I’m already late. I could be in a lot of trouble if I miss quiet reflection. Those bastards kept me late, they wanted to scare me. Well, its working, my hands are trembling as I run. My heart is beating quickly and my legs begin to strain. I see an android down the road, he sees me! I turned down an alley and picked up my pace. Now I’m full on sprinting to the meditation building, can I make it? This is all too ridiculous, all this fuss over a little writing. Oh no, I can’t think that way. “I must resist deviant behavior, Lord Father taught us to be better than that, his rules are the law.” Taken directly from Morning Prayer, but that is how I must live my life. I live for Lord Father.     

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