Friday, April 5, 2013

Another Dimension

Another Dimension

Main Character: A cool-headed god who can open a gate to another dimension.

Setting: A fantasic cathedral within a different dimension, where legislative disputes are settled by duels to the death.

Plot: Thwarting the forces of darkness

                Today is the day for job shadowing in present day Olympus. The lesser god Seamus is following the cool-headed god Osiris around to learn the lay of the land. Osiris, the current king of the gods created Seamus from his own gold blood and spoke to the puddle to animate it. He is the king’s son, created to watch over a newly discovered dimension, where things are handled in a most barbaric fashion.

                “Seamus, now that you have met all the gods and goddesses of Olympus I need to show you something that I just learned. If you come over to this boundary and watch as I place my hand on the celestial wall you’ll see something amazing.” Seamus followed and watched as Osiris opened a door in the barrier and they soon entered an ancient cathedral in another dimension. “Watch what transpires here.” Said Osiris as a group of toga clad men held some sort of a council. They could not see the gods, who watched from the side of the large room. Gods allow people to see them when they want. Sometimes they take other forms, but on occasion they appear as they do to other gods.

                The men argued about some new type of legislation and soon they drew swords. “What are they doing? We can’t let this go on!” Shouted Seamus.

                “We must, it is their way.” Said Osiris.

                There was a brief sword fight until one man stood over another, he pushed his sword into the man’s heart and killed him. Just then Seamus made himself visible to the men and with a snap of his fingers turned them to stone. Osiris looked to him and smiled.

                “They cannot move, but their minds will still function. They will stay like this for twenty years. Only then will they consider their actions leading up to this moment and my decree. The citizens will discover the men and will adopt a different form of government, because if they fall into the same way of resolving differences then they will be turned to stone as well. This is for the better.” Said Seamus, out of breath. His work took much energy out of him.

                “Congratulations, you passed the test. If you let the men continue without doing anything then I would have killed you instantly, but you made the right decision. Now you will watch over this dimension and be king of the gods. I will return to my dimension. You cannot open the portal, only I can. We will never see each other again, but fear not, you have everything you need. Good bye Seamus.” Said Osiris.

                “Goodbye Osiris. Fare thee well.” Said Seamus.

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