Monday, February 25, 2013

In A Perfect Circle

In A Perfect Circle

     The crew set off from their home planet of Isis on a direct course to the unexplored, by their standards, planet of lush fields and pristine ponds and lakes known as Cartore. The ship traveled faster than the speed of light for three months until Cartore was within range.

     During the trip the all male crew exercised, ate, slept, read and cleaned their equipment and probes. When the planet was within range the captain announced to the crew:

     “The time has come, this is what we’ve been waiting for. Now we’re minutes away from touching down on Cartore. I hope you all are as excited as I am.”

     The crew watched through the cockpit window as the ship hit Cartore’s atmosphere. Suddenly the layer of sulphuric acid, mistaken as clouds by the men, started melting the ship’s hull. The men scrambled around trying to repair the damage but they were quickly sucked out of the ship through the gaping holes and dissolved in the acid atmosphere. All except for one man, Artel who recalled something he learned in high school. The great Albert Einstein theorized that if you travel in a perfect circle at the speed of light, then bisect that circle (basically taking a short cut) then you will actually see yourself. Artel had to try this while the ship was still functioning.

     He took hold of the controls and turned out of the acid cloud, then he drove the ship into a complete circle, he hoped it was perfect, set it to cruise control and increased the speed to beyond light speed. Art wondered if Einstein contemplated what could happen at beyond light speed. The lights of the ship went out for a second and when they came back on the rest of the crew were present with the captain speaking: “I hope you all are as excited as I am. Hey, Art, what are you doing at the controls?”

     “I had to get us out of there, we can’t go to Cartore, the atmosphere is all sulphuric acid, it will burn holes in the ship and kill us.” Said Art. Adrenaline pumped through his body as he looked around to make sure everyone was safe and sound. He couldn’t believe it worked!

    “I doubt it, we’ve come this far, there’s no way we’re turning around.” Said the captain.

    “It already happened, I went back in time to prevent it from happening again.” Said Art.

    “How did you take us back in time? Time travel is impossible.” The captain said as he looked around to the men, who appeared to be laughing.

    “It is possible and I did it. You have to believe me, or we’ll all die, again.” Said Art.

    “I think Art might be on to something. I’ve heard theories about time travel. Maybe we should scan the atmosphere before we land, just to be sure.” Said one of the crewmen.

     They scanned it, pure sulphuric acid, Art was right. The mission was soon aborted, they were going home.

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