Sunday, December 18, 2011

Black Holes

Black Holes
                The scientist looked over his papers as the particle accelerator started up. He then placed his papers onto a nearby table and observed a computer monitor with several graphs and diagrams flashing. He knows that there is some inherent risk with working with these machines but the power of knowledge and the beauty of science have always trumped it. One of those risks include the small black holes that are produced when two particles collide with each other, more importantly when some mass is squeezed into a very small region of space. These black holes will disappear within a few seconds so away goes the risk of radiation produced from them, along with dimensional shifts.
                His luck changed one fateful day when the particles used for the collision were of larger molecular mass than usual. The risk increased with the size of the particles but the scientist was not aware of this. He knew the particles were larger but he didn’t think the black holes produced would be any more large or dangerous. He was wrong, his calculations were off.
                The machine initiated with a hum. The particles were sent around the track and soon collided. The amazing reaction took place right in front of the scientist. A massive black hole formed and sucked the scientist into it and soon disappeared. The scientist awoke on the laboratory floor; his short term memory was erased. He had no recollection of the collision or the black hole. It was getting late. He was the last to leave the building.
                He got into his car and drove home. He placed his hand on his head and tried to block out a throbbing headache. He passed a car on the highway and looked into it. What he saw was frightening. The driver was green and was made up of all sorts of irregular shapes. The scientist stared until the hexagonal head of the other driver turned to him.  The driver rolled down his window and started shouting some garbled sounds to the scientist. He could not make out the bizarre language. He pushed the accelerator down and finalized the pass.
                “I must be dreaming. But I’m sure I saw a strange green organism driving the car, this must be a dream.” The scientist said to himself.
                He pulled up to a car at a stop light and looked over. Yet again! A green mass of shapes and forms with a ridiculous hexagonal head, or what he guessed was a head.
                “Unbelievable.” Said the scientist.
                He eventually made it home and got out of the car. He opened the door to his house and stepped in. What he saw was unnerving. At the sink was a green mass of shapes with a hexagonal head which turned to greet him with some garbled sounds. He tried to talk back but communication was difficult.  A small green pile of shapes moved into the kitchen. This one was almost cute, it made some high pitched sounds.
                “Wait a minute! This is my family. I must be in a parallel universe. I must have been sucked through a black hole when the large particles collided. How can I return to my universe? I must find a way or be permanently stuck in this strange dimension!” The scientist thought to himself.  

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