Sunday, December 25, 2011

Alien Christmas

Alien Christmas
                “Grandpa, do they celebrate Christmas on other planets?” The boy said to his grand father, eagerly waiting for his answer.
                “I wouldn’t think so my boy, unless it’s one of the planets that we, the humans, colonized. See, we’re a different species than the aliens, they wouldn’t see the birth of Jesus as something worth celebrating. They might have a special day too, but I don’t think it’s Christmas. They might celebrate a war victory or maybe the settling of a new planet, but I doubt they celebrate Christmas like us, there wouldn’t be any reason to.” Said the old man as he settled into his chair.
                The old man wasn’t completely correct in his reasoning. There was one species of alien, a time traveling type, who wanted to recreate human culture. They traveled to Earth from a distant planet set long in the future. They changed their appearance to look human in order to study the behaviors and customs of their subjects. They were enthralled with human culture. They brought back to their planet human newspapers, computers, calendars and many other artifacts.
                The aliens celebrated their first Christmas in the year 3000 AD. They prepared for the day by growing synthetically made Frasier furs which only took two weeks to grow to full size. They strung LEDs together to decorate their dwellings. Alien children decorated their trees and put angels on the top. Large alien families got together Christmas eve and had a large dinner of lasagna and sparkling grape soda. There was much joy and laughter for the aliens, they realized why Christmas was so popular for the humans. Now the holiday was a part of their traditions. Sure, maybe they didn’t know much about Jesus Christ, but they knew how to celebrate his birth.
                So Grampa never knew about the aliens and how they celebrated Christmas, it was much after his time. He couldn’t answer his grandson’s question accurately, but he did to the best of his ability.
                The two left the living room and went to the kitchen to help set up for the holiday feast. It was Christmas eve, Santa is on his way to deliver presents to good girls and boys. The little boy set the table and Grampa sliced the turkey. His daughter and her husband were in another room wrapping presents. There was much joy and laughter for the humans. They looked out the window to see snow falling while sipping egg nog. Everything was falling in place. Everything was coming together. There was much peace throughout the country. People were feeling happy and content.
                In a different time on another planet, the aliens opened their gifts. They smiled and laughed but there was no snow falling. It doesn’t snow on their planet. The year round temperature is 70C, quite comfortable. They never understood snow. But now they understand Christmas. It’s a time to be happy with friends and family, spend time with loved ones, feel cozy and warm. The aliens just might introduce the concept of Christmas to the inhabitants of other planets that they come into contacts with. The tradition will be passed on.
                Hopefully the new recipients of Christmas will embrace it with the same acceptance as the aliens. If everything goes well, then Christmas will spread throughout the universe.   

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