Sunday, September 25, 2011

New Story: The Benevolent Dictator: Part 3

The Benevolent Dictator: Part 3
                “Alright computer, pump chemicals into our people’s rooms and take them into a deep dream land.” Said Bob to the computer.
                “Yes sir, initiating dream inducing chemical exposure.” Said the computer.
                John found himself in a locker room. He looked around then looked at his hands. They were smooth yet wrinkled. He could see his pores, his vision zoomed in and it was as if he was climbing into his own skin. He wore gym shorts and a light weight exercise shirt. He was fairly out of breath but he didn’t know why.
                “I’m apparently in the gym but I don’t remember getting here. How did I get here?” He asks himself.
                “Something doesn’t seem right.” John says to himself.
                He continues to look around the room and focuses on a wall outlet. The two vertical openings started vibrating, then they melted slowly dripping down the wall. John shrunk down to microscopic size and jumped into the outlet before the melted plastic seals the openings.  
                “Ok, this is clearly not normal.” John said to himself.
                “Uh oh computer, we have a problem.” Said Bob.
                “Sir, what is it?” Said the computer.
                “You seriously don’t know, haha?” Asked Bob
                “Sorry sir, I don’t.” Said the computer.
                “We’re losing one in room 154, a John Clarey. He’s coming out of sub-consciousness. We need to pump in some strong coma inducing chemicals.” Said Bob.
                “I’m on it sir.” Said the computer.
                John flew through the currents of the outlet. He came out through another outlet and grew in size to his normal height. He is now in a weight room. No one else is in the gym.
                “This is looking more like the gym. Things seem to be returning to normal.” Said John.
                “Good job computer, he’s returning to his reality. No more strange things happening, he’s at the gym working out, what he normally does after a work day. Cruising around the wall outlets was just a glitch. Keep pumping in those chemicals. Keep him happy, keep them all happy…” Bob said as he trailed off.
                “Yes sir, maintaining dream inducing chemicals with the exception of room 154. He is currently being administered coma chemicals. All is well sir, all is well…”

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