Sunday, September 11, 2011

New Story: The Benevolent Dictator Part 2

The Benevolent Dictator: Part 2
                “Alright computer, now we begin phase two. What’s that? What is phase two? You’ll find out soon enough. With every Coastal Ridgian in a controlled coma we have complete freedom to act any way we want and to decree and commission new building. Usually I would receive some feedback for my decisions, but not anymore haha! As you are aware, every so many years we go on warring campaigns. But the beauty of this is that we always go away to war. They never come to us, therefore as long as we don’t go out attempting to expand our empire, then we shall remain safe here, haha, beautiful. I say shall because they will eventually attempt to find us. Their empires will increase in strength since we will not be there to continuously check their power. Eventually they’ll come searching but we won’t be here, or we won’t appear to be here. Ok computer, initiate phase 2.”
                “Why of course sir, I am more than happy, elated even to serve you, thank you for..”
                Bob yawned and touched his fingers to his neat beard, drumming his chin with his fingers. “Shut up and initiate, please, that’s all I ask of you.”
                “Yes sir, of course sir, initiating phase 2.” The computer remarked.
                “Cloaking beacons going into initiation mode. Prepare cloaking beacons for power up mode.”
                “Alright then, I shall go.” Bob said as he ran out of the control room. He sprinted out of the Somnipost and ran to the northwest corner of the village. He found a brick wall with a cylinder set in the corner. He touched his finger to a dusty slate set behind the cylinder. A screen with a character prompt booted up. He typed in several commands:
                -PHASE TWO -
                - CLOAKING BEACONS-
                His fingers quickly navigated the screen and the cylinder increased in size. The cylinder reached up high into the sky. It became an immense tower. The top of the beacon extended filaments into the air. The entire tower slowly rotated and beeped. Bob looked up into the air and watched the beacon perform its duty.  Soon the beacon began to fade and only the beeping gave away its position. Bob typed in some more commands onto the screen. The beeping faded as well. Bob glanced around the corner of the city. There was now a screen of invisibility protecting the northwest corner of the city. Bob lifted up his hand and looked at it, the beacon morphed it as well. He could not see his hand, arm or body for that matter. He was completely invisible. Now he must go to the other corners of the city and start up each of the three remaining beacons.
                It took him an hour but all the beacons are now fully functional.  The city is now completely cloaked. Bob returned to the control room, out of breath.
                “Ok computer, now that the city is completely hidden, we can wait and improve the conditions in the Somnipost and take care of our people.”

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