Wednesday, June 29, 2011

New Story: Higher Consciousness

Higher Consciousness
                “ I haven’t seen Tom in a few days. Is he sick or something?” Asked Karen.
                “I haven’t seen him either but he must be here, he’s responded to my emails.” Said John.
                “I checked his desk, he’s not there, but his bag is.” Karen said.
                “Tom was in my dream last night. Dreams rather, it was strange, he was everywhere.” Said John.
                John went on to tell Karen about his dream. John was walking down a busy New York City street. The air smelled like roses, and the sun was shining like a spot light, centering on the hundreds of people walking. John approached a woman, as she got near he could see her face. It was Tom’s face, he smiled and continued to walk. Then John woke up in a field. He slowly rose to his feet. A voice called out, “John, are you there? Come to the house.” It was Tom’s voice. John looked around the field, then glanced up the hill and saw an old farm house. “Yes, there you go, walk towards the house.” John’s legs started moving, one foot after the other. He continued to look around. His brain told him to stop, but his legs continued to move. He climbed the stairs to the porch. He walked to the door and knocked. A small boy came to the door. His face was hidden by a large baseball cap, pulled down close to his eyes. The boy looked up, it was Tom’s face again, superimposed on the boy. “Into the living room.” John lazily meandered into the living room. Tom was sitting on a chair looking out down the field.
                “I called you here to tell you something. John, you’re my best friend, you should know what’s happened to me. About a month ago I discovered how to upload my personality to the internet. I became immortal in cyberspace. My consciousness could dart from webpage to webpage. It was easy to write a program that would give a response to any sort of question. I programmed it to narrow the questions down to a list of two hundred thousand answers provided by me. I could communicate with millions of people at once. I was essentially everywhere, but nowhere at the same time. I mean essentially because I was in virtual reality. The things you see and hear on the internet are not fully grounded in reality. It’s like TV. The videos you see are not real life. I needed to find a way to be immortal in real life. I soon reached a higher level of consciousness. I could penetrate dreams, your dreams. Tonight was my first attempt at dream intrusion and I succeeded. Tomorrow I will attempt to achieve the highest level of consciousness. I will become immortal in reality. I will go to work tomorrow, but you won’t see me because I’ll be everywhere at once. I will achieve light speed. I will travel anywhere faster than sound, faster than anything man has discovered so far. I will become light. Yes John, I’ve discovered my own potential. You should try being immortal and omniscient, it’s really quite fun.”
                Tom continued to talk as he looked out the window. John eventually sat down, but only at Tom’s whim.
                “So, anyway, see you at work in 5 hours. I hope your other dreams are less intense.” 

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