Friday, June 29, 2012

The Zombie Apocalypse

The Zombie Apocalypse
                It finally came, the Hanta virus evolved into the living dead virus and spread across the country. It started in USA first, spreading like wildfire within the highly populated cities then made it’s way through the country side.
Like the few remaining humans, the group searched tirelessly for other bands of the unaffected. Each of the four members was armed to the teeth with guns, clubs, hammers and swords, amongst other weapons.
They sat around the underground bunker that they just discovered yesterday. Feasting on canned goods and relaxing before the next wave of zombies found them. They savored this time, when they could just enjoy each other’s company and tell jokes and stories. But the horde of the undead found them. One of the crew of humans kept watch at night while the others slept. She could hear the moaning coming from the south.
“Hey, Axle, wake up. I hear something.” Said Mona.
“It’s probably just a skunk or something, let me sleep.” Said the huge man as he rolled over in his sleeping bag.
She poked him with her sheathed sword. “Oh crap, here they come.” Mona said as she whistled to wake up the others. She then bolted from the bunker with her drawn katana in hand. A horde of thirty zombies were at the other end of the field as she ran into the center of them, expertly swinging her steel. She cut off three heads with one swing and then crouched down. The zombies got closer and tried to scratch and bite her. But she created a force field surrounding her.
The rest of her companions ran out of the bunker holding their weapons. “Mona!” Screamed Blaze as he lugged his flame thrower. Axle was right behind him with his war hammer held in his massive hands. Snake was the last to leave as he set up his sniper rifle on a tripod.
The zombies piled on Mona. She then quickly stood up and blue energy left her body and pulsated out and into the zombies. Ten of them exploded, sending rotting flesh flying through the field. There were still seventeen remaining as Mona collapsed. A zombie opened his mouth to reveal crooked teeth and went to bite Mona’s neck. The end of a war hammer met the zombie right in his face sending him flying backwards four yards. Axle reached down and picked up Mona with one hand as he swung the war hammer.  The sound of broken bones, smashed skulls and shattered rib cages filled the air as Axle worked his magic. Blazed showed up and toasted five zombies with a jet of fire. After the melee there were six lumbering zombies left. From over by the bunker six shots rang out. Snake executed the remaining zombies with shots to the head.
“You gotta be more careful, you can’t take on thirty zombies all by yourself.” Axle said to Mona as he held her exhausted body.
“I wanted to set a personal record. I’ll see if I can beat it next time.” She says with a grin.    

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