Sunday, January 15, 2012

Diamond in the Rough

Diamond in the Rough
                Center on a dirty alley in the corner of a large metropolis. The year is 3001, the place is New York City, the time is 10:00pm. A man crawls out from under some newspaper and proceeds to head for the bathroom (the corner of the alley) and unzips his fly. He relieves himself and heads back to bed when he sees a bright light in the sky. The light gains in intensity and is heading right for the man. He runs and hides under some boxes. The closer the light comes to him, the better he is able to make out the shape. It’s a space craft, although not what the man is used to seeing. He knows the shape and colors of a sky cruiser, or even a frigate, but this one is unusual. The ship turns on it’s side to navigate the alley. The man watches from the boxes, he is trembling. Directly in front of him two beings materialize. They are unusually tall and dressed in flowing robes. Their heads are long and cylindrical, resting on top of skinny frames. Their eyes are huge and they don’t seem to blink.
                One walks to the man and shines a bright light on him. He then awakens in the unusual space craft, monitors and controls all around him. It’s very hot in here, the man thinks as he starts to perspire. He can now clearly see the two creatures. They are alien! He’s been abducted! He runs for what appears to be the door but can’t seem to open it. The aliens sit the man down and start talking through a translator.
                “We’ve been looking all over the galaxy for you. Do you know why we’re here?” Asks the alien.
                “Does it involve anal probes?” Asks the man.
                “Haha, no. We’ve long abandoned that form of data collection.” Said the alien.
                “You better talk quick, because I don’t like the way this looks.” The man says as his voice trembles. He appears to be strong but is afraid on the inside.
                “We’ve come here to bring you to the Royal Throne World. You are the emperor of the galaxy.” The alien says as he gesticulates with finesse.
                “This can’t be right. Me, a bum, the emperor of the galaxy? I think you got the wrong guy.” Said the man.
                “No, you are the reincarnated emperor of the galaxy, this is your destiny.” The alien said.
                The man thinks this over, he begins to laugh. Maybe they’re right, maybe this is my destiny. Growing up I was always told to work harder. I have the potential, I just didn’t put in the effort. This could be my big break. Emperor! That most likely means I’ll be rich. When have you heard of a poor emperor?  
                “Good, now you’re beginning to see. We’ve waited a long time for you. Your throne is ready. We shall set course for the Royal Throne World. It will take a month to reach it at light speed.” Said the alien.

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